• Advanced Level
  • Q1 - They love this kind of weather, ___.
    are they? don't they? aren't they? isn't they?
  • Q2 - Are they going _____ this summer?
    For swim to swim for swimming to swimming
  • Q3 - I am fast to _____.
    express my opinion express my viewing make my views make my opinoin
  • Q4 - I am fortunate enough to visit Kashmir. It has _____.
    beautiful scenery that is much many beautiful landscapes
    many beautiful sceneries much beautiful scenery
  • Q5 - He parked the car directly _____ the diner.
    before ahead of in front of preceding
  • Q6 - The sink in the locker room tends to _____ .
    flow overflow flow over over flowing
  • Q7 - She went to have her glasses _____.
    fit fitted fit on fitted on
  • Q8 - Mona decided _____ Yoga on weekends.
    to begin to commence to take up to start up
  • Q9 - Many excited people could _____ at the International trade fair.
    seen be seen be seeing be see
  • Q10 - It has been five years since I last ___ French.
    have been speaking was speaking spoke have spoken
    Name Phone No.