• Intermediate Level
  • Q1 - We'll be ready ______ the time you get back.
    by before    
  • Q2 - I was ill _______ a week.
    since while for
  • Q3 - I told him _____ do it.
    to not to don't not to don't
  • Q4 - Halfway there I discovered I ________ something.
    have forgotten forgot had forgotten forget
  • Q5 - We must finish it ________ we leave.
    Before Until Either could be used here
  • Q6 - You've been working hard all day-you ________ be tired.
    must mustn't can can't
  • Q7 - ________ I was tired, I managed to finish the work.
    Although But Yet
  • Q8 - She went out ________ it was raining.
    Although Despite Either could be used here
  • Q9 - This ________ be true- she would never say something like that.
    mightn't can't    
  • Q10 - She asked us whether we ________ finished the work or not.
    have had mustn't
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