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About education system of Spain

If you're thinking of extending your education and living in a unique and different culture, we highly recommend a stay in Spain, in southern Europe. Students coming here will be able to enjoy a first-class competitive educational system that enjoys international recognition. State universities are part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) which currently includes 47 countries and offers multiple bachelor's degrees (the first cycle of official university education), master's degrees and postgraduate degrees which can be homologated or co validated in various countries. Whatever your field of interest (Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Architecture...), you'll find your area of study and a qualified teaching staff in both public and private institutions.

The educational policy is controlled by the Ministry of Education together with the departments of higher education in the universities. Within this framework, the Concept of Universities outlines the requirements to create new universities, centers and institutes. In addition, it helps regulating advanced graduate studies. Within the higher education level, Spain has public and private Universities. Universities are organized in Schools (Faculties), and within each School there are different Departments, which specialize in a specific part of the corresponding science. Currently, the Spanish university system comprises 49 public universities, 14 private ones, and 4 Catholic Church universities.

Student  Visas

This type of visa allows you to study or do research work in Spain for periods exceeding 3 months. You can apply at this Consulate if you have your permanent residency or study in our jurisdiction
The application must be submitted in person by you or through an authorized representative (it must have a notarized authorization).

Applications by mail are not accepted. Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Due to the overwhelming demand for student visas at certain times of the year, it is recommended that you arrive at our office before 9:00 AM.

By submitting your student visa application you can also apply for the visa for your spouse and children under 18 years of age.
The visa will be affixed to your passport before you depart  from your country  and it must be presented at your point of entry into the Schengen countries.

Documents you must submit in order to apply for a Student Visa:

1. Original Passport
2. All academics in original (duly apostle )with 1 set of photocopies
3. Original Offer Letter from College
4. Bank Statement for last 3 months to proof the financial capacity of the student
5. Income Tax returns for last 2 years of sponsor
6. Sponsorship Affidavit
7. Birth Certificate ( if parents are the sponsors)
8. Spanish translation of the birth certificate (with apostle stamp)
9. Medical reports
10. Medical Travel insurance
11. Police Clearance Certificate
12. Criminal Record Certificate ( from the country applicant lived in the last 5 years) {from UK Embassy for this particular case )
13. Proof of Accommodation reservation
14. Travel Itinerary