Higher education is not only knowledge and expertise in a chosen discipline. It is far more than that. We at BCES, guide students by changing the way they look at themselves and the world. We believe in making the most out of the student. We provide information designed to help students who want to study in Canada, UK or London to choose the right combination of course, college and country.

BCES would help all the questions that students have in mind related to their career aspects. We at BCES aim at providing the best quality education in a way to enable students to reach their own individual academic goals. We aim at providing good quality education that prepares students for a better world. Thus those who are looking for hassle-free processings of taking admissions abroad, to study in Canada, study in UK or London, we could be the guiding force in providing complete information to the best of your satisfaction.

We provide guidance to prospective students in the following manners:
  • Selection of right course to be taken up as per the requirement of the student.
  • Guidance to students for selection of college / university.
  • Guidance in completing all the formalities necessary for embarking on the course.
  • Following up the documents for admission to the respective colleges / universities.
  • Guidance for applying for and obtaining Bank loans for funding studies.
  • Guidance for applying for scholarships.
  • Guidance for applying for and obtaining visa, and helping with other immigration formalities.
  • Guidance for applying and procuring Foreign Exchange after the approval of the visa.
  • Pre Arrival Guidance about the countries and its culture.


The main services of BCES, as an Institute
  • To provide professional and technical Counselling so as to assess that the student is enrolling for the right course.
  • To provide sufficient know how to students about the education structure and the institutes represented by us.
  • To recommend and progress the applications to their respective universities and colleges.
  • To assist and aid the students to successfully embark or the course.
  • To promote the students with the best professional career prospects in the emerging global market place, and to equip them with the capabilities necessary to become effective professionals.
  • To promote cultural activities and relations among universities and colleges abroad with those in India.


Since we are affiliated with one of the most preffered and recognized universities and colleges to study in Canada, London or UK, we believe in providing fair processings, in terms of providing complete information and fee structure.