BCES India provides extensive Visa Counseling to their students. We have special staff to prepare the students for the Visa interview. We have the latest information in visa related issues and we ensure our students are kept informed. We follow step by step approach to help student to get the Visa. We work on the following aspects while counseling students for Visas :

Helping in filing the Visa application

Once the student’s admission is completed, BCES make the students aware of the Visa formalities. We make appointments on behalf of the students with the High Commission, after helping them complete their Visa application.

Presentation of Documents
We help students to learn how to present documents during the Visa interviews. We systematize your documents in sound order so that it will give you confidence in front of Visa officer.

Mock Interviews @BCES
We polish students by interviewing them and these interviews give students a confidence and assurance necessary to face the visa officer. By these mock interviews students can gracefully handles the queries asked by Visa officer.

Visa Counseling @BCES
Once the appointments have been made BCES provide the students with professional Visa Counseling and prepare them for the interviews (if required).