Visa Processing

Student Prepares Visa file as per Embassy Guideline :

  • TT Services collect visa applications on behalf of Immigration New Zealand, New Delhi Branch
  • Visa Officer accesses the application
  • Applications Approved in Principle (AIP):
    • Evidence of payment of course fees for 1 year
    • Open FTS account, if applicable
  • Interviews
  • Validity of Student Visa:
    • if the course duration in New Zealand is more than 1 year, the student visas will only be issued for 1st year of study/ duration for which the tuition fees is paid

Visa Processing Time:

  • 2-4 weeks approximately

Total Visa Fees: Rs 11,000 /-

Change in Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS) account opening process for New Zealand Visa.
Effective from 1 October 2011.