Spoken English

How BCES Will Help You?
Get specialized training through the experts at BCES

BCES offers a wide range of courses that are made to suit every individual's needs and capability. Devised by a team of linguists, the comprehensive and well planned programs make learning English an easy and quick process for the students.

At BCES we offer trainings according to the need of the candidate and this is the reason for having three different levels:

  • Beginner Level
    For those who have little understanding of English language.

    If you are a Beginner then you must have very little knowledge of English language, so for you at BCES we have training session which includes:
    • Basic Grammar - Introduction to Nouns, Adjectives & Articles
    • Vocabulary for everyday use
    • Conversation Classes
    • Reading improvement
    • Personality Development
    • Sentence formation
  • Intermediate Level
    For people who understand English to some extent but are hesitant to speak English.

    If you find yourself in the midway of the learning process of English language and you cannot converse in English fluently then, for you at BCES we have training sessions that include:
    • Vocabulary Building classes
    • Tenses, Prepositions
    • Conjunctions
    • Part of Speech
    • Conversation classes
    • Group Discussions
    • Role Play, Extempore
    • Public Speaking
    • Personality Development
  • Advanced Level
    For people who want to polish their speaking skills with advanced level grammar & vocabulary.

    If you have clarity in grammar, understand English well then for you to give you in-depth knowledge of grammar and vocabulary we have training sessions that includes:
    • Use of Idioms and Proverbs
    • Formal Letter writing
    • Role Play, Extempore
    • Phonetics
    • Presentations & Spoken Activities
    • CV Making
    • Group Discussions
    • Personality Development

* We offer free counseling and trail classes for Spoken English.