Spoken English

Spoken English

English is the most spo­ken lan­guage in the world; it has often been referred to as a "world language". Moreover, Spoken English is the need of the hour and is an essential element in the skill set in this highly competitive environment.

Spoken English is so common now-a-days! Speaking English is beneficial in every field thus it should be learnt at an early stage. But if one cannot then, there is no age limit for learning you can start it any time.

Nevertheless learning spoken English is of the utmost importance as one can be able to tap new horizons for studies and can increase the career prospects. Here in BCES we are with you to support and guide you to become proficient in spoken English.

There are various modes by which one can enhance his/her spoken English, viz-a-viz:
  • Watching English news,
  • Reading English newspapers,
  • Listening interviews in English,
  • Join English club or conversation group
  • Speaking English with friends

If not possible with them, it's your mentor at BCES, who is there to help you to speak good, correct and guide you to overcome your hesitation to speak confidently.