Spoken English

Benefits Of Learning English@BCES

  • Add "excellent knowledge of English" on your CV. Get your dream job, and earn more money.
  • When you are planning to study abroad, you must have good knowledge of English which is also known as global language. After learning it at BCES you will have an added advantage to it.
  • You can Gain technical knowledge. English is the language of technology, especially technical subjects like computer science, genetics, and medicine has most of the study material published in English. So if you're going to read about technology, you'll probably have to do it in English.
  • English has so many words that came from the Latin language, thus it will help a person better understand his/her own culture and his/her own local language while learning other languages.
  • Learn computer science. Read technical articles without difficulty. Or write your own articles!
  • Be a world-class business person. It's simple. While doing business internationally the language which is used for business communication is English. And most of the business today is done internationally. So if you want to be a part of international business you need to know English language — for contacting other businesspeople, attending conferences, reading international business newspapers and magazines, etc.
  • Become a better scientist. Contact scientists from other countries, go to international conferences, and visit academic centers abroad. Learn about new scientific discoveries by reading papers, books, and magazines.
  • Use your computer more effectively. Most computer applications are in English, so you will understand them better — and become a better person that can prove you as an asset for any growing organization.
  • In many organizations you need to give seminars and you may need to attend the symposiums across borders thus knowing English will prove beneficial.